Soothe Me (Engsub)

Soothe Me (Engsub)

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Chương mới Chapter 18 Trạng thái Đang tiến hành

Soothe Me Manhwa also known as (AKA) "Soothe Me (BreakerRvP) ; 나를 달래 줘 ; 鄰居人妻". This OnGoing webtoon was released on 2019. The story was written by Neck Pillow and illustrations by Lee Joo Won. Soothe Me webtoon is about Drama, Mature story.

Soothe Me Manhwa Engsub summary Jung Hoon, a freelance novelist who is enjoying his newlywed life for the first year of marriage. Despite his wife’s dedication, their marital relationship is always unsatisfactory. Then one day, he accidentally encounters Eunjoo, the girl next door with a sensual body, and Jung Hoon’s head is filled with her.


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